Innovation Hackathons

A company’s ability to be innovative is what propels it from being an industry follower, to an industry leader.

Of course, it’ s a lot easier said than done. Innovation requires a collective, creative mindset and behaviour that matches it. A company culture with an ability to not only dream big but also deliver big.


Keep reading if…

● Company meetings lack creative energy and excitement
● Employees aren’ t encouraged to think outside the corporate box
● The few ideas that do get voiced seem to fall on deaf ears
● Staff are too caught up in business as usual to truly embrace fresh thinking

You already know change is needed to be a market leader, and that change calls for innovation. This is why it’ s more important than ever to develop a company culture that harbors a truly innovative mindset.

But how do you effectively take a team off autopilot and turn a machine mindset into an army of uber creative, profit-driving geniuses?

The answer is a culture shifting, Innovation Hub Day from VisualFunk.


What are Innovation Hub days? (Innovation Hackathons)

It’ s a hands-on-experience designed to explore and encourage dynamic thinking. A series of events that inject new life into your team’ s innovation spirit and directly influence your company’ s ability to produce market leading results.

It’ s true what they say – size doesn’ t matter. Whether you have a small crew of 10 or a large team of 100, Innovation Hackathons lift the boundaries of imagination and redefine what’ s possible in the workplace.

This is achieved using a cocktail of visual elements and contagious humor, backed by a team of creative experts who all share one mission – to drive a corporate culture of innovation.

Our corporate hackathons can also be run in conjunction with Design Thinking workshops, Creativity Workshops and Graphic Facilitation Workshops.

Are you ready to become a market leader and deliver market leading thinking, ideas and results?

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