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Do you want to take your communication to the next level?

Excellent, you are in the right place. 

Our next workshop dates for Sydney will be in late Feb/early March 2020. And more details for 2020 workshops in other capital cities soon.

Watch this space. 

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Even more great news, you are going to learn in one day what it takes some four years to learn.

Our workshops are kept close and personal with a maximum of 15 people for each workshop, to ensure you get the most value out of the workshop. 

This Visual Facilitation Workshop Will Show YOU How To:
  •   Take your workshops and facilitation to another level
  •   Demystify complex concepts with visual elements
  •   Communicate with key stakeholders more efficiently
  •   Be able to easily prototype an idea using design thinking principles
  •   Present ideas to management effectively
  •   Stop killing your audience with PowerPoint
  •   Grab your audience’s attention
How Does It Work?

Simon has developed a unique approach over the past 15 years that focuses on 3 fundamental principles. These are principles that allow ANYONE who walks away from our Visual Facilitation workshops to express their thoughts visually.


Showing people how to draw what they see, as opposed to what they think they see. This is about refining perception and being able to communicate visually without sacrificing accuracy.


By breaking down the drawing process to its fundamental level of line and shape. Once these are mastered, you can literally draw anything.

Confidence (This Is The Clincher)

With the help of humour, energy and a passion for drawing, Simon instils everyone with confidence to actually go and draw. With his extensive Arts and Corporate background, Simon can take your team from “I can only draw a stickman” through to “I can’t actually believe what I have created!”



I brought Simon in to a client site to run a 3-hour workshop for 25 Business Improvement folk on visual facilitation (How-to-do). He was awesome. Super easy to work with, and excellent facilitation of the workshop itself. Weeks later the new skills are still being used and the team is communicating much more effectively with their stakeholders. Highly recommend!

Jennifer Frahm, Senior Consultant, Personal Banking, Business Improvement NAB

Check out what a recent Whiteboard Ninja participant has to say about the course:

Harvee Pene, Author | TEDx Speaker | Ten Outstanding Young Persons of AU | Director @ Inspire - Life Changing Accountants | Face of MOVEMBER '19

I invited Simon to facilitate one of our MBA in Entrepreneurship (MBAe) masterclasses at the UTS Business School on the topic of Visual Communications, which he delivered with great energy and skill. Simon challenged attendees to think differently and develop more confidence around their visual expression. It was noticeable how in the following weeks students were more likely to uses simple graphics and sketches in their communication. I look forward to working with him again on future classes.

Jochen Schweitzer, Director MBA Entrepreneurship, University of Technology Sydney

Simon and his team designed and delivered workshops and visual facilitation activities for the entire leadership team (200 or so) to explore the vision for the new city of Canterbury Bankstown. The outcome was a visual representation of our new organisation, what we do and how we deliver services to our community which will be essential to driving our organisation forward. Simon was brilliant. Well done!

Janelle Davidson, Senior Project Officer Organisational Development at Bankstown City Council

What you will leave with:

  •   Developing a new way of thinking – what does that look like?
  •   Learning to draw what you see, not what you think you see!
  •   Knowing what NOT to do
  •   The confidence to stand up in front of a room and say ‘let me
  •     draw that’

Who is this course for?

    •   Professional Trainers and Facilitators
    •   Presenters
    •   Learning and Development Professionals
    •   UX and CX Designers
    •   Innovation Professionals
    •   Design Thinkers and Design Leads
    •   Team Leaders and Problem solvers
    •   Anyone who wants to engage an audience and
    •     turbocharge the way they communicate

Sound great, but who facilitates this?

Simon Banks is an author and sought-after speaker, MC and artist. Not your usual corporate-turned-creative, Simon knows his art and has a passion for helping people to draw and rediscover their most human elements of curiosity, creativity and imagination and let these thrive. He has run drawing programs for NAB, ANZ, Queensland Government, numerous Federal Government organisations and Sydney’s University of Technology, MBA Entrepreneur program.

Where is this held and what does it cost?

Stay tuned for more 2020 Workshop details. Click here if you want to join our waitlist. 


$850 exc. GST.

Our workshops are kept close and personal with a maximum of 15 people for each workshop, to ensure you get the most value out of the workshop. 

Need more information?

Download the full course overview, why our brain loves visuals, location, timings, and what’s included here.

If you want to run this workshop internally. Get in contact with VisualFunk today for details.

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