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Simon Banks offers his unique insight into the latest trends in innovation and design thinking. Read the following articles to discover a treasure trove of free tips and tricks that will allow you to kickstart your creative mindset.


Posted 16.08.2019

Are you ignoring your inner artist?

We have been trained to think in logical, orderly, risk-free, straight to the solution, my way or the highway approach. (Not all bad) That’s where our inner artist comes in.

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Posted 28.06.2019

Constraints Create Innovation Not Hinder It

“CONSTRAINTS?!?”, I hear you scream. “Constraints? There are no constraints in innovation. All crazy ideas are great! How do you see constraints? To be embraced or as a disadvantage?…

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Posted 21.06.2019

How to Innovate Your Team with One Simple Skill

There is a really simple, easy way to help create and build a team that thrives on curiosity and innovation. It is something that we do every day of our lives… it is communication…

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Posted 24.05.2019

What are the Benefits of Fast Design Thinking?

MAKE – STUFF – FAST We are constantly told we live in a fast-paced society and that we need to slow things down but in the case of design thinking and prototyping, slowing…

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Posted 24.05.2019

Why Visual Storytelling is Important

How are you telling your stories?  Is it in a way our brain loves? With the plethora of data, noise and information that is bombarding us at a pace that keeps increasing, the ability…

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Posted 08.05.2019

Why Empathy is an Essential Leadership Skill

It’s rare that I feel I can post any expert comment on Leadership… However, at a recent Graphic Facilitation event, I saw great examples of Leadership in Action and it involved…

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