What We Do

Creativity & Innovation Programs

Every company knows that they need to innovate. The corporate landscape changes so quickly it’s basically innovate or be left behind. Contemporary thinking is becoming old style and so the way companies think and behave needs to change. Does your organisation innovate and create?

The trick is going from knowing that innovation is important to actually making it happen to drive competitive advantage. That’s where we step in.

Our approach is centered around arts-based thinking and strategy along with a great mix of design thinking, science, psychology, case studies and real life situations. It’s about throwing out the text book and about embracing possibilities to develop whole brain thinking. Our belief is that people, not just processes are at the heart of innovation and it’s the people within any organisation that make the difference to developing the next big idea.

Sydney based VisualFunk is passionate about bringing creative thinking and innovation into organisations where people can challenge themselves around their ideas, behaviours and thinking. We know for a fact that this in turn will result in energised people with fresh, creative ideas. The benefit of this can’t be ignored as your people are your best asset because they drive change and can produce outstanding results for your organisation.

From a half-day idea bombing session through to a three day strategic innovation workshops program, we can get your team innovating. Want to know more?


Our facilitation process ensures great conversations that engage everyone and produces measurable outcomes. Importantly, it’s about producing results in shorter amount of time than would normally occur.

VisualFunk wraps a whole lot of stimulus, energy, colour and interaction within structured process that engages whole brain thinking and engages all of the senses. This provides a platform for great discussion and powerful ideas. The VisualFunk process ensures that all personality types and communication styles in the room can be heard and all those great ideas are shared. Whether it’s making your next meeting more productive or you have a new strategy that you need to explore and develop, we can help explore what’s possible.


Conferences are a huge investment of time, money and people. It’s that yearly chance to get across key messages, energise your people and kick off the next twelve months with a bang. Done well, they are a fantastic talking point over the year ahead and a platform for success.


So why are so many of them so boring?


The era of “we talk, you listen” is long gone. It’s been proven to be a terrible way of learning and an instant way to not only alienate your audience but to send them to sleep.

VisualFunk is not a PCO or conference organiser. What we do happens the moment your company walks in the conference room. We create a little bit of magic, energy, a buzz and a program that your delegates can immerse themselves in. We make the conference about the people in the room and provide a platform for results. The best learning at a conference happens not from the experts but from peers in the room. It’s about creating a great space to collaborate, communicate and share ideas. Most of all, it has to be enjoyable. Learning should be fun.

With fifteen years of experience developing conference content, we have some great ideas to make a conference successful. These include:

  • A professional Master of Ceremonies to energise your audience and ensure the day flows smoothly
  • Facilitation of break out sessions and learning hubs
  • Idea bombing sessions to foster innovation
  • Team Building and Team Development programs
  • Keynote presentations
  • Graphic recording of the day and visual communication

By collaborating with VisualFunk, we will make your next conference one to remember and one that actually delivers results – that’s the whole point isn’t it?

Graphic Facilitation


It’s really simple: Graphic facilitation and visual communication help to synthesize and simplify thoughts and ideas. It turns strategy into something meaningful. It turns difficult concepts into something that everyone can engage with because images are remembered much more easily than the written word.

It allows key messages to be communicated. It’s about telling a story and importantly, everyone can remember pictures a lot easier than they can words. It’s why we use icons, symbols and pictures.

Historically, every culture has recorded their history and stories through pictures a long time before they were writing them down or making PowerPoint Presentations.

A graphic facilitator can decipher the key points of the intended message and deliver it in a graphical way that the audience can understand and identify with in an instant. This means that your audience will take away much more information from your presentation or conference. That’s your value add!

Creative Team Building Programs

We have a site specifically dedicated to our team building programs so to find out more go to www.creativeteambuilding.com.au.

All of our team building programs are designed to get people doing something creative together. Our team building programs support our approach of arts-based thinking and brings this concept to life.

Embracing the creative worlds of music, theatre, design, entertainment, photography, film and the visual arts, our aim is to always give you something different. All of VisualFunk’s facilitators come from within the creative worlds so you connect with the most creative people around.

As creativity is an action word, in our team building programs you don’t develop this ability just by talking about it, you have to do something. It’s experiential learning. It’s rewarding, exciting  and results focused.

All of our team building programs are scalable and work just as well with groups from 6 to 600 people. Everyone can participate regardless of physical fitness or age.

Importantly, taking teams through a creative activity allows an experiential exploration of a business theme (maybe your mission, goals, vision and values) and takes these ideas and makes them real. It’s a great way to keep a message alive after the event and ensures the renewed energy of your team goes back with you to the office.


Bespoke Experiences

If you have a concept you want to explore, we love making it happen. It’s one of our favourite conversations when a client comes to us with an idea they want to explore. We like bringing big ideas to life. It’s fun.

From a themed roadshow through to an experiential values launch, VisualFunk has a great kit bag of ideas and a fantastic team to make ideas a reality. If you would like to know more about how we have brought bespoke ideas to life for our clients, make sure you give us a call on 1300 227 215.