How Does Graphic Facilitation and Visual Communication Help You?

Our brains are changing, and as a result, the way we communicate is changing too.

These days, we take in so much information and data that our biology has trouble keeping up – which is why visual communication is more important than ever.

Visual communication uses visual tools like images and videos to facilitate people to see their thoughts, exchange ideas and get to where they need to go faster than previously possible.

Graphic Facilitation and visual communication are specifically designed for workplace meetings, seminars, workshops and conferences. They open the doors and allow us to achieve immediate breakthroughs and great ideas using large scale images and visual content.

It’ s more than just ‘ attractive images’, it’ s a sophisticated tool that helps people communicate, brainstorm, think, evaluate, explore, reach consensus and then move forward at pace.

The process revolves around assisting teams, optimised learning, keeping engagement high and helping participants get clear with their thinking. The result is a permanently heightened sense of creativity, particularly on a collaborative level.

Graphic Facilitation and Visual Communication is used in all VisualFunk Innovation Workshops and Design Thinking workshops