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How Does Graphic Facilitation and Visual Communication Help You?


Our brain is changing and the way we communicate is changing. We take in so much data that our brain needs to sift through this at speed. Welcome to Visual Communication.

Graphic Facilitation and visual communication are unique ways to have immediate breakthroughs and great ideas using large scale images and visual content. It’s specifically designed for workplace meetings, seminars, workshops and conferences. Visual communication uses visual tools like images and videos to facilitate people to see their thoughts, exchange ideas and get to where they need to quickly.

Graphic Facilitation and visual communication are more than just ‘attractive images’. It’s a sophisticated tool that puts information in a way that the brain likes. It helps people to communicate, brainstorm, think, evaluate, explore, reach consensus and then move forward at pace.

Graphic facilitation can use of huge sheets of paper of the size of walls at a distance from where participants can easily see and hear or can easily be done on flipcharts.

The process of Graphic Facilitation and visual communication assists teams to get clear with their thinking. Participants are engaged and the process of learning is optimised. Visual Communication It helps groups to focus and track the concepts being delivered. Graphic Facilitation is brilliant to enhance creativity of people in a group and is used in all VisualFunk Innovation Workshops and Design Thinking Workshops

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I would like to say that the everyone at this creative workshop thought it was great. In fact I can almost guarantee that you will be getting more work from us in the future. You did a great job. Your attitude and approach were perfect. Thank you for your efforts. Hagemeyer Lifestyle Brands

Wow! What an impact our two days with VisualFunk . They have had on our team. The team are constantly thinking outside the square for business improvement ideas. This is an absolute strength to this team and Sanitarium, and we are already seeing the business results. Well done VisualFunk and we can’t wait for our next session in April. Sanitarium

Just wanted to give you some feedback and thank you for Wednesday’s program in Melbourne. It really was amazing, you guys did a fantastic job. It was fun and lively with so much excitement, interaction and energy in the room. I think it all worked perfectly and I couldn’t be happier with the result. You and your team were absolutely fabulous and I have to say, exceeded all our expectations…by far!!!! Telstra
Thanks again for all your work over the duration of our conference. I had nothing but positive feedback from everyone about both the program and the creative training. We all had a fantastic time. Bovis Lend Lease
The ongoing value of the facilitation training we participated in with you has been amazing! And the few of us who where a part of the original training group are keen to introduce the other members of our team to the experience we all rave about. Thanks once again for an amazing experience, the best training I have ever done! Mission Australia
The Training session was delivered in perfect alignment to our prep sessions and most importantly, got people involved, participating and having a laugh. One of my colleagues will be contacting you about another opportunity soon. Fuji Xerox
Thanks so much for your innovation workshops ideas and facilitating program at our recent Momentum Leadership Program in Brisbane. The team had a great time and learnt a lot as well. Let us know what the next steps are and if you can send through some information about other offerings you have e.g. the improve skills that would be great. Programmed

The program was fantastic. It was highly interactive and took a different approach to the exploring creativity and innovation whilst linking to corporate values. It had a purpose relevant for all the HR team. Western Power

I have had a chance to speak with most of the trainees and their mentors and they all loved the session! It was a perfect way to encourage mentor/mentee dialogue, as well as learning more about one another – and the wider group. Thanks again for delivering such an awesome innovation session and helping to establish such an integral relationship between our trainees and their mentors. Chevron
From a manager’s perspective, I found it to be a really positive experience for all of them. After initial hesitancy, they all participated enthusiastically and they have been telling other colleagues at Latrobe how great it was. I have passed on your details to four different areas now (requested from word-of-mouth recommendations). As a creative trainer with many years experience of delivering Team Building exercises, I would say without a doubt that it was a fabulous way to bring the team together. Latrobe University
I just wanted to say thank you for all of the work you did – before and during the CEO Forum. You made the experience loads of fun for everyone and I really loved how you made sure everyone was involved. Please also thank your ‘partner in crime’ Ann for all of her creative talents. I am looking forward to finding more wonderful ways we can use your creative talents going forwards. LUMO ENERGY